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SpectraLink Wireless Telephone Systems

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You know it and we know it. The truth is out there: your customers and clients are really getting tired of your "I'm away from my desk" messages. It's time to go wireless. The SpectraLink Wireless Telephone System (WTS), noted for its advanced technology, is convenient, durable, and reliable. It's easily installed, easily used, and very affordable.

The SpectraLink WTS connects to digital station interfaces of a wide variety of PBX and key telephone systems. SpectraLink's technology provides emulation of proprietary digital telephone sets and makes the features of the host telephone system's desk sets (including most display features) available to wandering employees equipped with SpectraLink wireless telephones.

SpectraLink WTS Phone Equipment

In addition to wireless telephones, the SpectraLink WTS consists of two component types: Master Control Units (MCU) and Base Stations.

MCUs are modular units that connect to station ports of the host telephone system. Base Stations are fixed transceivers that are connected to the MCUs, and located in a manner to provide coverage of the workplace area. Multiple Base Stations are supported to ensure the elimination of dead spots.

Supported systems include: Comdial, Fujitsu, Inter-Tel, Lucent, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, Panasonic, Siemens, and Toshiba. No switch uprgades or enhancements are required.

Now's the time to go wireless!

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